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The foundation that owns the Olav Thon Group

The Olav Thon Foundation shall ensure a stable and long-term ownership in the Olav Thon Group, while at the same time supporting charitable causes, research and education.

Stable and long-term ownership

In order to ensure that the Olav Thon Group and its underlying organisations retain a stable and long-term ownership and in accordance with the business management principles adopted by Olav Thon, the Olav Thon Foundation was established in 2013.

The foundation is also a way for the Olav Thon Group to share its values with society.

"It is important to me that the Olav Thon Group is managed in the best possible way in the future, so that the business provides safe workplaces for all employees, and at the same time can work for the charitable causes that I want to support and for society at large."

Olav Thon, during the creation of the foundation

Distributes up to NOK 100 million per year

The Olav Thon Foundation supports small and large charitable causes. The largest award goes to research into musculoskeletal disorders.

Application for funding