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Thon gives back

Through many years in business, Olav Thon has built considerable value. Today, most of the assets have been transferred to the Olav Thon Foundation, which supports small and large charitable causes.

Flere mennesker som er på topptur og vandrer i fjellet på Skeikampen. Foto.

Provides funds for research, leisure activities and nature experiences

Only the imagination sets limits for how a business can give back to society. For Olav Thon, research, education, leisure activities for children, young people and the elderly, as well as the promotion of nature and outdoor life, have been central.

The funds are allocated through the Olav Thon Foundation and the Olav Thons Legat.

Through the Recycling Lottery, which the Olav Thon Group owns together with the Norwegian Red Cross, funds are also shared with the humanitarian organisation’s work both centrally and locally.

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) also receives funding through the Olav Thon DNT Foundation.

Funding for charitable causes

Every year, the Olav Thon Foundation allocates millions to small and large charitable causes. The largest share goes to research into musculoskeletal disorders.

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