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Buevindu med utsikt over vannet og blå himmel, tapetvegg, TV, dobbeltseng, skrivebord, to blå lenestoler

Thon Hotels – Add colour to your day

Thon Hotels is one of Norway’s largest hotel chains with over 90 hotels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brussels and Rotterdam. We are constantly expanding with more destinations. If you run a hotel, your hotel can also become part of Thon Hotels through our partner programme.

Sustainability at Thon Hotels

Sustainable food

Thon Hotels has an increasing focus on sustainable food. Keywords here are quality, safety and environmental friendliness. We only buy food that can be traced to its source, so that we know where the food comes from.  

Thon Hotels works continuously to prevent and reduce food waste in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and 'Industry agreement on the reduction of food waste'.

Diversity and inclusion

In 2017, Thon Hotels signed an agreement with Ringer i Vannet (Ripples on Water), a work and inclusion project organised by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). The goal of the project is to find jobs for the unemployed in NHO companies. This has resulted in over 50 hirings between 2017 and 2022.

Collaboration with Too Good To Go

Thon Hotels has been collaborating with Too Good To Go since 2016. By selling surplus food, the hotels can reduce food waste and the scheme is financially profitable for both the hotel and customer.

Hotellrom med sittegruppe foran gule gardiner som er trukket for vinduene. Foto.


  • Engaged

    We are genuinely concerned about the guest and go to great lengths to create golden moments.

  • Professional host

    We cultivate the role of host; we want to see, hear and understand all guests.

  • Willingness to please

    We appreciate each and every guest and are happy to offer ourselves to create good visitor experiences.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Did you know that Thon Hotels started out as Rainbow Hotels in 1989?

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