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Cookies are pieces of data in the form of text or numbers that are stored locally on your computer when you visit the website. We use cookies to obtain information about, among other things, how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from, and which browsers are used.

This is information that is used for internal statistics and used to improve the website and your user experience. The information is processed in de-identified form, which means that we cannot trace the information we collect back to the individual user.

The Olav Thon Group may use general statistics, user behaviour and information from user surveys in connection with advertising or other marketing. Such information will not contain identifiable personal data such as name, contact details or order amounts/customer numbers.

By visiting our domains, you also consent to our use of cookies. If you wish to disable the use of cookies, you can do this in the settings of your browser. Please note that disabling cookies may result in a somewhat poorer user experience.

The recipe for your browser can be found in the links below:

Through Google Analytics, information is collected about which pages you visit on our website, how long your visit lasts, the number of visits and which link from which page you followed to get to our website. It is also possible to see the site location, which browser and device visitors of the website are using. We anonymize both IP addresses and any transaction numbers, so that it is not possible to trace your identity.

In Google Analytics, most of our domains use the default settings of 26 months when it comes to storing data. Thon Hotels and Thon Eiendom store data for 36 months. This is only a matter of general movements on the website and not personal information. All cookies are deleted on your device after 6 months if you do not deactivate or delete them yourself.  Any data older than the threshold set will be marked for permanent deletion and will no longer be accessible to us or Google. The reason why some websites want to keep such information for a longer period of time is to get a correct picture of segmentation and other dimensions when looking at data further back in time. Read more on www.google.com/analytics

We also track events on our website using Google Tag Manager. Here we use anonymization scripts so that it is not possible to trace your identity. The information is processed by Google and is used to generate visitor statistics and reports that give us an indication of how our customers use the website. We use this service to gain an analytical understanding of how our customers use the website. The figures are used for continuous improvement of content and in further development of the website.

We use Google Display Advertising. The websites can use their own targeted ads against previous visitors to the website in Google's display network, search network and partners. This is called remarketing and is used to make ads more relevant to the individual user based on their previous interests and use of the site. According to Google's Privacy Policy, no information that could be used to identify individuals is collected or used. You can opt out of targeted Google Display Network ads here: https://www.google.com/settings/ads

gtag.js and analytics.js may set the following cookies:

_ ga is used to distinguish users, the cookie is set the first time a user visits the website and has a lifespan of up to two years. The Olav Thon Group has set this to up to 6 months.

_gat is used to limit traffic to Google Analytics, the cookie has a duration of 30 minutes.

_gali is used by Google Analytics to determine which links users click on (if there are several of the same).

_dc_gtm_UA-XXXXXXXX-X is set by Google Analytics to keep track of how many times a user visits the website, how the user arrived at the website and which country the user is located in. The cookie also calculates an end time for the visit.

AMP-TOKEN contains a token that can be used to obtain the client ID from an AMP client ID service. Other relevant values may be opt-out or error messages when collecting this information

_gac_<area ID> contains campaign-related information about the user; Information that can be used in AdWords campaigns. If Google Analytics and Google Adwords are linked, Adwords will read this cookie unless the user has opted out.


Some of YouTube's cookies shows on our website because we display YouTube videos on our domains. YouTube (owned by Google) collects anonymous statistical data on, for example, how many times the video has been viewed. No sensitive data is collected unless you are logged in to your Google account. In that case, your choices will be linked to that account, and settings around this will be processed in your browser.


The cookie .ASPXROLES is linked to our websites that use EpiServer as a CMS. It is used when a visitor logs in to a protected area of a website. The cookie is used to define which roles and rights are assigned to a user, who in turn can determine which actions can be performed, or which pages they have access to. .EPiServerLogin is used for editors to log in to the editor.


The cookie ASP.NET_SessionId is used by websites designed with Microsoft .NET-based technologies to maintain an anonymized user session on the server.


The cookie BIGipServer~XSP~Thon_shopping_web_pool is associated with the BIG-IP suite product of the company F5. It manages that sessions on load-balanced servers are secure and that user requests are consistently routed to the correct server.


This sifrFetch cookie is used to localize sIFR fonts, which replace fonts with Flash-based fonts for better control over the appearance of the site. The cookie is used to determine if your browser supports Flash and can display these fonts.


SiteImprove is a tool we use for reviewing and analyzing content, accessibility, and SEO on our websites. Our websites use Siteimprove cookies to collect visitor statistics and usage analysis of our websites. We do this to work with user experience and quality online. The Siteimprove cookie generates a randomized ID to recognize the browser, does not collect any personal information, and is only used for web statistics. We have turned on DoNotTrack (DNT) in Siteimprove. This means that we respect users who have made this choice in their browser and do not want us to collect data about their visit to our website. Furthermore, we have enabled IP masking in Siteimprove. This means that we do not store your IP address when you visit the domains where Siteimprove collects data.


We use the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel to track and improve our Facebook marketing campaigns. Learn more about ads on Facebook and how you can adjust your personal settings on Facebook. Here you will find Facebook's cookie policy.