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3 personer står foran et kontor og ser på en perm.

Would you like to work for the Olav Thon Group?

With our involvement in everything from shopping centres and hotels to real estate, technology and district heating, as well as a large headquarters, there is a good chance that we need you!

Great and varied career opportunities in the Olav Thon Group

In the Olav Thon Group, we focus on well-being, commitment, creativity and trust – all of which are based on our vision: We make the difference in everything we do.

We have a broad business, where we need many different types of people, with different knowledge and skills. In other words, there are great and varied career opportunities with an exciting selection of different jobs.

Many employees choose the Olav Thon Group over and over again

We are everything from recent graduates to old-school workers, unskilled people and people with doctorates. We have full-time, part-time and seasonal employees. Here, people work day and night, some work with us while they are studying, others stay with us throughout their entire working lives.

As part of the Olav Thon Foundation, we also work for long-term and sustainable development of the organisation, which makes us a safe and great workplace. Maybe that’s why many of our employees stay with us for decades?

Three good reasons to work for the Olav Thon Group

  • God intern rekruttering

    Vi heier på folk som vil utvikle seg! Det kan være mulig for deg å jobbe deg både oppover og på tvers i virksomheten.

  • Godt og sosialt arbeidsmiljø

    Jordnært, sosialt, inkluderende og engasjerende, er stikkord som går igjen blant ansatte. Gjensidig tillit og fokus på mennesket er viktig i Olav Thon Gruppen, og gir en god work-life balance.

  • Ansattfordeler og -goder

    Du får bl.a. rabatt på våre spisesteder og svært god personalrabatt på alle våre hoteller, med egen venne- og familiepris.

En person som står foran en bærbar datamaskin

Do you see an opportunity for you?

Below you can see a selection of career paths in the Olav Thon Group. Here you can find job vacancies –and feel free to check here regularly for new opportunities.

  • En mann klatrer opp på en stige.

    Energy consultant, security guard or a role within hydronic heating

    Handy? If you find it exciting to find new, green solutions for property operations, the Olav Thon Group has hundreds of buildings that must be operated sustainably and energy-efficiently. We also have a separate hydronic heating company – Follo Fjernvarme, which needs operations engineers, controllers and administration coordinators.
  • En gruppe mennesker som sitter ved et bord

    Marketer, IT consultant or finance worker

    The main office in Oslo needs people with a head for numbers, or a flair for maintaining and developing digital systems. There is also a large marketing team working with content, advertising and SEO – and who need good communicators or analytical number crunchers.
  • Hotellfrokost på Thon Hotell Cecil

    Receptionist or chef

    Thon Hotels is always on the lookout for those who are passionate about top service and want to contribute to guests having a great stay. After a good night’s sleep, guests also get an award-winning breakfast. Both our hotels and many restaurants need skilled chefs.
  • En mann og to kvinner som står i et rom

    Property Manager

    You will play an important role in a market-leading real estate division, which, in addition to residential sales, rents out office space, warehouse and logistics premises and apartments, and manages over 80 shopping centres in Norway and Sweden.

We operate in several countries

In total, more than 7,500 people work in the Olav Thon Group. Around 500 work at the head office in Oslo, while the rest are spread across Norway, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Key figures about our people

The Olav Thon Group employs people of all ages. The average seniority in the group is 6.5 years. Below you can see an overview of the wide age range among part-time and permanent employees.

  • 121 under 20 år

    Ansatte i Olav Thon Gruppen som er under 20 år.

  • 1665 20-39 år

    Ansatte i Olav Thon Gruppen som er mellom 20 og 39 år.

  • 1076 40-59 år

    Ansatte i Olav Thon Gruppen som er mellom 40 og 59 år.

  • 201 over 60 år

    Ansatte i Olav Thon Gruppen som er over 60 år.

Everyday work in the Olav Thon Group