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Social justice

It is important for us to be a workplace where employees thrive at work – and have the same prerequisites for success. Read more about how we work with this and how we safeguard fundamental human rights in our value chain.

En gruppe mennesker som ser på en bærbar datamaskin

No one should be discriminated against

In the Olav Thon Group, we do not tolerate discrimination, as all people are equally valuable. We work actively, purposefully and systematically to promote equality, diversity and inclusion, and prevent discrimination. Listening, observing and improving require a continuous effort – and we always put in the necessary work.

Discrimination areas that we focus on:

  • Gender, ethnicity, religion and beliefs
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression
  • Pregnancy and leave of absence for birth or adoption
  • Care tasks
  • Disability
  • As well as combinations of these grounds 

Diversity in the workplace

As a large employer with many employees, it is absolutely essential for us to enable our employees to influence and participate in a good working environment. It is about ensuring that our team members have access to courses and competence development, feel included and seen, and that there are good procedures for health, safety and the environment (HSE).

Working group has created a strategy

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (LIM) has been important to us for many years. In order to enable a systematic approach that is formalised in line with legislation, a working group was created in early 2023, which prepared a strategy, among other things. From 2024, LIM is a separate discipline that falls under HSE.

The strategy drawn up by the working group will be a guide for the entire Olav Thon Group in order to ensure that we are an inclusive workplace. In addition, this will help us with our ambition of having a representative management.

Goals we are working towards

In order to strive for genuine equality and diversity, we have set ourselves a number of goals:


  • At least 40% of each gender overall and on management levels 1–3
  • At least 40% of each gender on the group board


  • Reporting on transparency, diversity and equality, a comprehensive account of our efforts related to social justice


Status of gender and age distribution

Figures from the sustainability report: 

  • Gender distribution: 52% women, 48% men
  • Age distribution: 34% under 30, 48% 30–50, 18% over 50

Gender distribution among managers levels 1–3 

  • Level 1: 5 men, 1 woman 
  • Level 2: 16 men, 9 women 
  • Level 3: 25 men, 21 women  

Thanks to efforts aimed at promoting equality and diversity among employees in the Olav Thon Group over time, we now boast an even gender and age distribution. Even gender distribution is also reflected among managers. In 2022, there were 48.9% women and 51.1% men in management positions in the Olav Thon Group. But we still have some way to go when it comes to the top management levels.

More concrete measures

Ringer i Vannet (Ripples in the water)

Ringer i Vannet was an inclusion project under the auspices of NHO, which is now managed by the employment and inclusion companies themselves. Since 2017, 27 Thon hotels have signed an agreement, which has resulted in over 50 appointments (as of August 2023).

Cooperation with NAV Oslo  

We have been collaborating with NAV Oslo for several years. We contribute with work training programmes, language training and a network, and our hotels offer opportunities to those who can begin working right away.

Human rights, transparency and responsible business practices

The Olav Thon Group purchases goods and services for around NOK 8 billion per year. It goes without saying that we as buyers have a great responsibility.

Which suppliers we choose to use and which products we buy give us the opportunity to influence. That is why we have set requirements for suppliers with regard to human rights, workers' rights, climate and nature, and anti-corruption.

Ethical trade

The Olav Thon Group also became a member of Ethical Trade Norway in 2022, which is a resource centre for sustainable business practices with the following vision:

Together on trade that pays off for people, society and the environment.

Ethical guidelines and Norwegian Transparency Act

Membership means that we are committed to trade that improves human and workers' rights, society and the environment. No one can guarantee decent working conditions, but as a member of Ethical Trade Norway, we work to make improvements.

As part of the work to ensure that human and workers' rights are respected throughout the Olav Thon Group's value chain, we have developed guidelines and ethical requirements for both our own employees and suppliers. As the Norwegian Transparency Act came into force in 2022, we have worked further with human rights and transparency.

Some of the work we do in practice

  • Every year, the Olav Thon Group carries out a review of the supply chain.  
  • We have set ethical procurement requirements in line with the Norwegian Transparency Act. 
  • In 2023, we have set ourselves the goal of mapping our suppliers and conducting risk assessments. 
  • We are currently developing routines for continuous and systematic control and due diligence of suppliers.