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Mikael Bøe Nilssen

Energy adviser and team leader for energy and technical consulting services

Mikael Bøe Nilssen holds a master’s degree in renewable energy from NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) and has been an energy adviser at the Olav Thon Group since 2022.

As an energy adviser, he works with overall energy-related tasks related to the Olav Thon Group’s adopted sustainability goals. This includes assisting with mapping and preparing energy, environmental and technical-related descriptions and documentation. Other tasks are related to the Olav Thon Group’s energy management, energy monitoring and operational optimisation.

He is also a team leader, which involves coordinating and following up on work tasks and progress for the “Energy and technical consulting” team.

What I like best about my job: The varied working day. Energy and environment is a broad field and encompasses an incredible amount, so no requests or tasks will ever be exactly the same.

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