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portrettbilde av Anders Nandrup Rylander

Anders Nandrup Rylander

Sustainability Adviser

Anders Nandrup Rylander graduated as a social scientist with a master’s degree in North American area studies from UiO. His career at the Olav Thon Group began during his studies when he got a part-time job as a booking consultant at Thon Hotels.  

Later, when the Olav Thon Group was looking for someone who could work with the group’s social responsibility, Rylander got the job. He has always wanted to make a difference to society, and saw the position as an opportunity to create positive change, both for the group and society at large.  

The position, which initially also included HSE tasks, has developed a great deal in the years Rylander has held the role. His current job title is sustainability adviser, and his main responsibility is to develop and manage the group’s sustainability work and strategy.