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New job in the Olav Thon Group at the age of 64

After 37 years in health care and several years in the construction industry, Henrik Berg suddenly found himself without a job. He was 64 years old and had no plans to stop working.

Portrettbilde av Henrik Berg
Henrik Berg is the operations manager and caretaker at Østerås Senter. PHOTO: Madeleine Gedde Kjällgren

Offered a job at the centre in his hometown  

"I'm not the type to sit still, so when my previous job ended last year, I didn't hesitate to start looking for a new one," says Henrik Berg, 65.

Originally from Bærum, he has had a long professional career, with over 30 years in the ambulance service in Oslo, followed by several years as a operations and departmental manager at a rehabilitation centre. For the past ten years, he has worked for himself on home and cabin renovation projects across the entire country.

"Although I feel like a 20-year-old in my mind, I was afraid it would be difficult to find a new job at the age of 64. I have several friends who have struggled to find a job at this age," says Henrik.

He grew up in the area around Østerås Senter and remembers well when the centre opened in 1968. When he saw that the centre in his hometown was looking to fill a position last year, he applied and hoped for the best.

"I was invited to an interview – and won the winning ticket," says Henrik with a smile.  

Good workplace environment in the Olav Thon Group 

He began as operations manager and caretaker in autumn 2022 and after having worked for himself for many years, Henrik likes to have someone to talk to during the workday.

"I was welcomed with open arms and the workplace atmosphere here is very pleasant. I also have a very positive impression of the other two operations managers I've met in the Olav Thon Group, as well as other employees," says Henrik.

He especially points out the collaboration with the centre manager, who is about to start working at a different centre.

"We've worked really well together as a team, but I'm looking forward to meeting her replacement."

Exciting times ahead

Henrik has had plenty to keep him busy during his first year as operations manager, with water leaks from both the roof and ground, as well as other emergencies. But the entire Østerås Senter is now going to be renovated.

"It's going to be very exciting. I'll be involved in the progress of the work and make sure that things like lighting and heating are working properly for our tenants during the entire process," says Henrik and adds,

"There are lots of new systems that need to be installed to ensure smooth operations and an optimal building for the future."

Fortunately, he is not ready to retire just yet.

"No, I plan to work for many years to come. I need to keep busy and don't want to just wander around aimlessly. I have too much energy for that," says the active caretaker with a smile.

Meet our team members: Henrik Berg

Age: 65

Employed in the Olav Thon Group since: 2022

Position: Operations manager and caretaker at Østerås Senter.

Best part of my job: Noo two days are the same. I like to compare this job with working in the ambulance service in Oslo. I never knew if I was to be sent out to a car accident or someone who had stumbled down the stairs, and it's a bit like that now, whether there's a water leak or electricity problems. I love a challenge, so it's fun to get to solve problems that force me to keep a cool head, gain an overview and think rationally."  

Something you may not know about me: I like to chop wood and have two tractors.

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