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"The Olav Thon Group made it possible for me to change course!"

When Helene Winsnes, 49, was looking for a new challenge, it did not take long before she had the opportunity to switch from working in the payroll department at the head office to becoming a housing consultant in the housing rental division. "The internal opportunities in the OTG are simply fantastic!"

Portrettbilde av Helene Winsnes
"I've tried other workplaces, but always end up back at the OTG," says Helene Winsnes. PHOTO: Madeleine Gedde Kjällgren

Kept ending up in the Olav Thon Group 

"My first job in the Olav Thon Group was actually quite coincidental. I signed up to be a temp through an agency and got a job in the payroll department at the Thon head office," explains Helene Winsnes.

The year was 1998 and with the exception of a few years abroad and a few years at other companies, she has been with the Olav Thon Group (OTG) ever since.

"I've tried several other workplaces, but always end up back at the OTG," says Helene and adds,

"I'm simply happiest working here. None of the other places could even come close to the OTG and the fantastic colleagues here. I'm also extremely grateful for the flexibility management have given me. All I had to do was pick up the phone and was given the opportunity to start here again. Thank goodness!"

From payroll to housing rentals: a smooth career transition 

Working in the payroll office was perfect for Helene, who loves to work with numbers. But after around 15 years in the same job, she was ready for a new challenge.

"Even though I had little relevant experience, I was allowed to interview in the housing rental division. I think it helped that I had worked at the OTG for a few years in the past and the boss knew who I was," says Helene with a smile.

She was not really clear about which career path she wanted to follow, only that she wanted to keep working in the OTG: So, she took the chance and spontaneously submitted an application when she saw an opening in the housing rental division at the head office.

"I'm very happy that they gave me a chance!"

Educational opportunities for team members

In 2014, she started working as a housing consultant in the housing rental division, where her tasks include helping to rent out the OTG's around 1900 apartments and staying in contact with the operations team that refurbishes the apartments.

"The transition was a smooth and easy one. Both my past boss and my new one in the housing rental division have been very helpful and made it possible for me to change course," says Helene.

She is pleased with the educational opportunities offered to internal staff members and the joint courses.

"The extensive training you are given when you start in a new position also gives you more opportunities internally than you probably have in other workplaces."

A safe workplace filled with opportunities

In Helene's housing rental division, four of the team members used to work in other divisions in the OTG, including Thon Hotels.

"It goes to show that the OTG is a safe workplace where you can enjoy a long career. In addition to switching divisions or positions, it is also possible to move up the career ladder if you want. Our boss used to hold my position and is now director," explains Helene.

Personally, she is very happy that she took a chance and tried something completely new and strongly recommends that others do the same if they see an interesting job opening. After all, it can't hurt to try!

"I've tried lots of different jobs, but feel that I have now found a job that suits me well."

Meet our team members: Helene Winsnes

Age: 49

Employed in the Olav Thon Group since: 1998  

Position: Housing consultant in the housing rental division at the main office in Oslo.

Best part of my job: Flexibility, working in an exciting market and all the great people I get to meet. It's also great to be able to help shape the future of Thon Eiendom.  

Something you may not know about me: I like to hunt and am a diving instructor.

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